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What's up, love!?

I have a feeling that you're in the right place.

I also have a feeling that you're here because you're ready for something DIFFERENT. The world is so filled with "solutions". Things we're supposed to do to fix ourselves, to find the right fit, to click it all into place. And it's confusing AF. I get it. The thing is, the answer isn't out there. The answer is you. You're the magic. I guide you back to THAT so you can do the big work you're here to do.

I'm Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth and I'm an Intuitive Transformation Mentor + Coach and Host of Made of Magic: The Podcast. I'm on a mission to change the idea that the magic we seek is somewhere outside of ourselves. I'm here to help you awaken, embody, and amplify the magic you ALREADY have. Everything you seek, you already are. I guide you back to that and everything beautiful, real, and next level unfolds from there.

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What can you expect!?

It's such an honour that you're choosing to take this journey with me. You're here to do big things in the world and I can't wait to dive in. You are MAGIC. The work we do together is ALWAYS focused on bringing you back to that. As a Certified Life Coach, Intuitive, and Mentor, I use my intuition and experience to tap into where you're at right now in order to uncover what work we need to do to get you to where you are meant to be. We peel back all the layers of who you SHOULD be, what you SHOULD be doing, how you SHOULD be feeling, to get to the core of what you truly desire, who you truly are, and what you are truly here to do. I simplify the process of connecting with yourself, healing, manifesting, and living the life you are actually here to live.

Let's tap in...

90-Minute Intuitive Transformation + Energy Reading


90-Minute Intuitive Transformation + Energy Reading with Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth. We're laying it all out and tapping into exactly what you need right now in order to move through what you're currently experiencing and towards what you're here to do at a soul level. You're ready to take action and you're looking for some support, guidance, and insight on what action to take. In this 90-minute session Stephanie will guide you through a deep dive of your life right now to gain clarity on where and how to focus your energy in order to align, manifest, and heal on your soul path. INCLUDED: 90-minute recorded video call session, Intuitive Oracle Card Energy Reading, Personalized Journal Prompts + Practices to integrate everything that comes through. EMAIL check-in one week after call for any follow-up support you need or questions you have!!

Investment & Energy Exchange: $444 USD


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