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MYLM Soul Activation Crash Course!!!
Flash Re-launch ONLY open November 25-November 29









What happens when you Activate your Soul?

Everything. You live more fully. More presently. More as you ACTUALLY are. And THEN everything flows from there. When you're activated you're tapped into your NATURAL state of trust and knowing. So you MOVE different.

What makes the Soul Activation Crash Course different is that we focus on honouring ALL parts of you. No shame. No bypassing. No avoiding.

You as a human with your Soul turned all the way on. That's the real magic.

Meet Your Teacher + Guide!!

Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth is an Intuitive Mentor and host of Made of Magic: The Podcast on a mission to change the idea that the magic we seek is somewhere outside of ourselves. Showing you how to live as a Human with your Soul turned on. Making your life MAGIC (whatever that means to YOU).

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This Crash Course is for the ones who are ready to take their life and their connection with themselves to the next (deeper) level. It doesn't matter where your starting point is. The Soul Activation Crash Course will guide you back to you. If you've wanted to make EVERYTHING more intuitive and in flow then THIS is for you!!!! It's time to do what you're here to do. To make your life YOURS.


What you'll receive: 20+ Recorded Modules on activating your Soul + making your life magic!! Absolutely everything is connected. This course is designed to tap into and amplify all of it!!!!!!

Content is all pre-recorded and available to you as soon as you join!!!

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EVERYONE who signs up will also receive access to the brand new Shift Your Energy Starter Kit!!

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The first FIVE people to sign up will receive 60 days of text/audio support!!

A little Sneak Peek inside the course!!!


You have the beautiful ability to create your life for you now. Trust yourself enough to decide that it's your time.


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$777 USD

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$130 USD x 6


MYLM 12 Month Payment Plan

$65 USD x 12

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MYLM Student: Christina

"The Soul Activation Crash Course went beyond my wildest expectations. I knew I was drawn to Stephanie and this course for a reason. It came to me at just the right time, when I was yearning to tap further into knowing myself better, but feeling lost in many ways. I loved how this course took us through step-by-step opening up to ourselves, getting to know deep down inside, and essentially giving ourselves permission to balance both the human and soul side. I've never experienced a course quite like this that just felt so real, human, and flowy on a soul level all at once. It just felt so activating on a soul level ...ha like as the title says! I love the flow of the course too. It was bite sized chunks that laid this foundation for not only getting to know myself better both on a human and a soul side, but for creating magic! It's like when you lay that foundation, then the magic can flow! I'm going to go back to these lessons again and again! I can't thank Stephanie enough for all of this beautiful content and for all of her support ...through even the humaniest of days in this process! I highly recommend this course for anyone on a spiritual journey, especially those who feel that nudge where they are yearning for more balance between humany life and tapping into their soul/higher self!"

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MYLM Student: Dani

"Stephanie's course Make Your Life Magic hit my inbox at a time where I was feeling a little lost and unsure about what my work could or should look like. Yes, I have a great paying day job, but I have always felt like I was just coasting along.

Here is the thing though, I still do not have all the answers. That was never the point, lesson learned. What I do have is a plan to explore what that looks like very practically every single day. Stephanie's course is like a road map back to your heart and soul. It was a way for me to take a deep breath and find who I am and how I want to show up in this crazy human world we live in. It is far from having the exact right answers but was about giving myself space and time to retrieve the answers from my own intuition. As she always reminds us, I am the magic.

I was excited to carve out time each week to watch the modules, they are short and easily digestible. I would also spend plenty of time implementing the teachings. I felt like every week the modules helped me to remember what reading my own road map looks like and how to save these skills for a lifetime. The formula is simple but re-learning how I could see, feel, and hear my own inner voice is exactly why this course is so powerful.

I have never felt so empowered to use my voice, to listen to what my body & soul needs at any given moment and honor my own knowing. I am forever grateful."

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